Illicit Encounters

Marital affairs, naughty liaisons and illicit encounters conjure up some of the wildest thoughts that the majority of ordinary people could, or only do, ever dream of. The thought of having a steamy, sexy, sultry, and even more important, willing sexual partner who is not the person that you are in a relationship with is enough to raise the temperature of any hot blooded male or female but to participate in such an activity takes more than a little fantasy of the mind. It takes courage to step outside the institution that is called marriage and one that despite a very gradual decline in numbers is still regarded as sanctimonious and widely respected. Marriage, after all, is the joining of two people who agree not to have any kind of sexual relations outside their common unity. This notion alone begs the question of what a naughty liaison or illicit encounter actually is. Could a secret meeting with on old school friend who you once had a crush on be considered as a naughty liaison? Is purposely arranging a home visit from the plumber or dog trainer that you so admire, even long for sexually, an illicit encounter? The waters of marital affairs are very cloudy. We all as human beings should be allowed to live our lives without the threat or worry that we are compromising our love and commitment to our faithful partners but the reality is that so many of us are not brave enough to step over the boundaries of what society considers to be acceptable.

Naughty Liasons

Martial Affairs